Our Story

decorative phases of lunar eclipse
Photo by Bryan Goff

Why Nightfall? We named our firm Nightfall Advisors after Isaac Asimov’s influential sci-fi short story “Nightfall” where a planet is in perpetual day-light, except for a few hours every 2049 years. The rare astronomical event called nightfall changes everything for a planet’s civilization and ends in chaos. To us, it symbolizes insight emerging from darkness. We provide the foresight and guidance businesses need to navigate AI’s transformative power. Just as nightfall was a pivotal revelation in Asimov’s story, we help AI become an illuminating breakthrough for our clients.

Vatché Chamlian the founder and CEO of Nightfall Advisors has been working with technology since he was a child, always breaking and fixing things. His hacker mentality paired with his empathy and industry experience has transformed him into a partner that has helped organizations from MIT, Harvard, Moderna, to Planet Fitness, Presidential campaigns, and many more.

Our guiding principals

Unwavering integrity

We are committed to ethics and honesty in how we serve our clients, partners and employees in all matters.


Leading with empathy

We build relationships and solutions that start with understanding people first, technology second.


Strategic Mastery

Our team has the acumen, foresight and rigor to translate AI into sound strategies that yield real results.


Quest for innovation

We continuously learn, research and experiment to advance in technology in ways that uplift industries and society.